If you find yourself in need during these unprecedented times, we’re here to help care for you and your family.

Please fill out this form and someone from our team will reach out to you.

PowerPack families, pick up your child's PowerPack

on Thursdays between 7-7:30pm OR Fridays between 9am-10am

Pick up is at the Champion Center located at 143 W. Linden St, Allentown

Accepting donations of non perishables,

bottled water and household cleaning supplies...


Drop off at 143 W. Linden St., Allentown on Thursday's 6-7:30pm,

and Friday's 9-11am OR at City Hope on Tuesday's from 11-12:30pm.

Donate Items

Shop from the list on this page and drop off at Life Church locations or the City Hope office or shop our online list via the button below and items will be directly delivered to our office.

Examples of items which are included: 

  • Non-refrigerated milk boxes

  • cereal bowls or boxes (individual size)

  • Fruit cups or applesauce (no sugar added, 4 or 6 pack)

  • Ravioli/canned pastas (pop top, single serving),

  • Soup (pop top, single serving or small can), macaroni and cheese (individual pop tops or pouches)

  • Jelly or jam (not homemade, squeeze jar preferred)

  • Peanut butter (small jar) 

  • Crackers (individual packs)

  • Non-refrigerated juice boxes (all juice, no sugar added, 6 or 8 pack), protein/cereal/granola bars (box of 6 or 8, high protein, high fiber)

  • Raisins (6 pack of small boxes or 1 regular size box)

  • Personal hygiene items such as new individual packed new toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.